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Good to know!

The best time of year to visit and avoid crowds:

  • High season is from
  • Low season is from

Safety tips and information on potential scams to avoid in Playa del Carmen

  • “5ta Avenida” (5th Ave) people that calls you with bargains are usually (not always) a low quality scam for the buck
  • Insider tips and hidden gems, such as secluded beaches or lesser-known restaurants in the Mayan Riviera


Weather forecasts and tips for packing appropriately for the climate in Cancun

  • Bring a very light, thin water proof jacket when on a boat ride ,it rains very often for minutes and then is sunshine all over again.(it's. a very windy region)


Recommendations for some of the best local restaurants and street food vendors (Specific questions 3 min call here)

Best time to visit Cancun and the Mayan Riviera to avoid crowds and save money may be between April to May or September to November.

For the best local restaurants and street food vendors, try La Fisheria or Los Aguachiles in Cancun, or El Fogon or La Perla Pixan Cuisine & Mezcal Store in Playa del Carmen

Safety tips and scams to avoid in Playa del Carmen include being wary of people offering free tours, watching out for pickpockets, and avoiding the area around the bus station at night.

The climate in Cancun is mostly hot and humid, so it is best to pack lightweight and breathable clothing, sunscreen, and a hat to protect from the sun.

Some hidden gems in the Mayan Riviera include the Laguna de Ka'an Luum, a lagoon with crystal-clear water, and the Hekab Be Biblioteca, a library and cultural center in Akumal that offers workshops and events.