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Yucatanis Eco-Friendly Principles

The selection of our tour operators is taking into account:

  • Experiences that support and celebrate local culture and traditions, while respecting environmental impact.
  • Providing guests with eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning products in accommodations and on tours.
  • Using eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicles for transportation.
  • Offering tours that give back to the local community, such as volunteering or donating to local conservation efforts.
  • Providing guests with eco-friendly shopping and dining options during tours and excursions.
  • Supporting local artisans and businesses that use sustainable and ethical practices.
  • Educating guests on the impact of their travel on the environment and local communities, and how they can make a positive impact through responsible travel choices such as mandatory biodegradable sunscreen lotion.
  • Ensuring that all waste produced during tours and accommodations is properly disposed of or recycled.