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Welcome to Mexico! Feel free to browse east-coast Yucatan. | Our offer and performance are being improved. | Click the Join the Waitlist buttons, enquire, book without a deposit and get early access to discounted prices. Plan ahead, enjoy efficient customer-service. Thank you for kindly waiting…. | Yucatanis ribbon cutting ceremony is on July ??, 2023. | Yucatanis Yours.


With 15 years of experience in the hospitality and tours industry, our goal is to take full responsibility for at least one day of your vacation, and make it your favorite day beyond your hotel.

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Our selection offers options beyond what resorts and big agencies typically provide.

Yucatanis upholds contracts not only with the most reliable, well-known, serious tour companies, but we also vet smaller, lesser-known legitimate ones endorsing unique experiences..

We take full legal responsibility of our offer ensuring both good taste and most importantly safety. This approach encourages us to continuously improve our offerings breathing new life into your vacation.

Our Founder

Eric Olalde is the founder of Yucatanis as a booking service.

He comes from a nature loving family of SCUBA divers at Cozumel Island. In 2007, After graduating from a major in Hospitality Business Management at Universidad de las Americas - Puebla (#117946) in the city of Cholula central Mexico, he moved back to Yucatan’s east-coast to keep learning and enjoying this superb region permanently. He possesses and transmits a natural service attitude, is a loving husband and a proud dad.

In 2007, he permanently relocated and settled in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, and, most recently, Cancun. He has over 15 years of experience serving exceptional beach resorts. Eric knows well most if not all independent tour companies in Cancun & the Mayan Riviera. For years he sold thousands of excursions inside high-end resorts getting to know the ins and outs in the business. Now, he continuously celebrates and oversees each SLA personally to ensure responsibility, quality, and availability of the experiences offered in this ever evolving offer inside this booking platform.

- Eric Olalde, founder

Are We Relevant?

Yucatanis offers a unique and affordable SUMMARY of the region, while still booking with the most respected local tour companies.
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Ana Duque

Operation Manager

Head of Operations Yucatanis's heart and soul

From the first contact until a booking has been fulfilled, Ana is the core and human touch at Yucatanis. She oversees daily operations, resolves any potential conflicts, and supervises our team's customer service follow-up. She ensures unity and clarity within our close-knit crew.

"Having the team motivated and focused on the human behind each booking is what makes the service alive, truly customer-centric and above all, useful"

Yucatanis our specialty

As locals we are experts in:
  • Selecting the best of the peninsula's east-coast.
  • Vetting THE most reliable local tour companies
  • Yucatan’s geography, distance & travel times
  • Superlative customer service
  • SCUBA diving spots (specially in Cozumel island)
  • Any Worthy Natural Highlight
  • Mayan and Mexican folk culture
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Why We Do It

We are grateful for the experience gained in the hospitality industry working for recognized local resorts and travel agencies BUT we are also against greedy "business as usual" contracts that many resorts and agencies hold with plenty local tour companie

We became tired of seeing tourists being overcharged sometimes for the lesser popular low-quality tours & experiences.

Because of our history, our booking team is heavily focused in honeest service attitude, wether on the phone or in person we love helping visitors and tourists enjoy Mexico the way they want, that makes them come back. We feel a certain satisfaction in it and believe in the principle of giving in order to receive.


Browsing through a tour desk (or worse the internet) searching for quality and fair price can be time consuming and a pain...

Yucatanis takes away the uncertainty of booking with someone who wouldn’t feel 100% responsible for what is offered. Only the picky know who to book with.

Yucatanis celebrates agreements with the best and most relevant local tour companies minimizing any potential issues so we are concerned about choosing right instead of you.

That's why Yucatanis's bird’s eye view inventory (link to master inventory) is relevant. It summarizes Mexico’s east-coast with experience, quality, taste and SAFETY in mind. More than 15 years in this industry are behind each one of our choices.

We connect you to serious tour companies with:
  • Ethical Staff
  • Decent Quality Standards
  • Fair Pricing
  • An Honest Service Attitude
  • Smart Logistics
  • Safety Standards

Why Us?

Yucatanis gives you access to THE most iconic places in the region with quality, safety and peace of mind, ****including pick up at your hotel’s motor lobby.

There is an ethic you have to manifest to operate an online tours store, (or anything) this means aligning ourselves to the rhythm and expectations inside local resorts. Quick and reliable. To be we have to make do.

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You are in control of the expected quality when exploring Mexico’s east-coast picking you up at your resort’s front door.

Laser focus on our Master Inventory here or use the menus and tidy sort out the best of the region.

Find out if we serve your hotel here:

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