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Contoy Island (a secluded bird sanctuary) & Isla Mujeres

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Get a morning coffee to go at your favorite resort's coffee shop and head towards your resort’s motor lobby. From there, you will be taken to one of the most beautiful natural locations in the region. You’d be going to a secluded island located north of Cancun. Contoy Island is not only a national park but also a hideout for wild birds. It features a lighthouse and an incredibly beautiful secluded beach.

Renowned for its beautiful reefs, diverse wildlife and stunning panoramas both above and below water. The boat will dock near the main lighthouse at the inner west bay, a perfect spot for iconic Instagram or Fb pictures. Lunch is provided by service-full staff at the shallow beautiful beachside location including beer.

After lunch, take a leisurely walk around the picturesque uninhabited landscape, enjoying the sights of this bird sanctuary. To cool off, you can go snorkeling at a hidden coral reef, which is rarely visited by many people, making it a truly spectacular experience.

On the way back, the final stop will be at one if not the most beautiful beach in the region, Isla Mujeres's north beach. Finally, you will be transported back to your hotel between 17:00 to 18:00 hrs (depending on your resort's location) ready to talk it over dinner. Enjoy 🤌

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  • Exotic experience/location
  • Accessible vehicles available (request 2 days ahead, subject to availability)
Included Attributes
  • soft drinks
  • lunch & beer at the secluded beach
  • snorkeling gear
  • quality shaded boat
  • first response emergency equipment
  • bilingual tour conductor
  • R/T transportation
Excluded Attributes
  • tips
  • towels
  • lobster lunch
  • pictures
  • wet suit
  • no open bar available on this trip
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Type/Sub-Type Fragments of Yucatan
  • Islands, National Parks & Mild Water Pursuits
  • Full-Day (5 or 6hrs plus travel time)
Relatively Closer to
  • Cancun "North downtown" area
  • Kids below 4 years
  • drunkards
  • Operates Monday
  • Operates Tuesday
  • Operates Wednesday
  • Operates Friday
  • Operates Saturday
Privately Available
  • yes
All weather Activity
  • no
Available Add Ons
  • Lobster main dish (this is a remote place and is upon availability, please request using the quick contact buttons at the footer)
Yucatanis Recommends
  • To rent a GoPro camera with accessories, simply request it in advance by phone call or through a WhatsApp message. Please note that a credit card is required for delivery.
  • Dock fee per person required prior to boarding the boat

Highly Rated Natural Location

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Kids 5 - 11 yrs

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