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The beauty of Sian Ka’an National Park BY BOAT!

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A Must. Explore the Wild Beauty of Sian Ka'an’s Biosphere BY BOAT (once in a lifetime)

Step into the wild side of the Mayan Riviera in a unique boat ride through the mangroves and shallow waters of Sian Ka'an government-protected National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, (imagine its wild beauty).

With its vast expanse of over 525,000 hectares, Sian Ka’an shelters hundreds of unique species above and below water, some unfortunately on the brink of extinction. =(

Our journey takes you through the inner mangrove route, an active ecosystem teeming with over 300 species, including birds, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles, fish and native wetland flora of this protected region. This voyage leads us to the breathtaking beauty of the Mexican Caribbean where we will indulge in one of the most untouched areas around Mexico.

The adventure doesn't stop there, we also visit Punta Allen (Google this remote location), a quaint fishing village, where we relax and savor the sights and local flavors. Recharged and ready, we continue exploring a stunning reef home to various marine species in a place where not many go yearly.

To wrap up this far away 100% natural adventure, we head to "La Piscina" (”The Pool”), an awe-inspiring stretch of sand along Punta Allen’s south tip. Prepare to be mesmerized by the low tide and unforgettable shallow crystal-clear waters.

Join us on this journey and immerse in the raw beauty of mother nature. Book your spot today and let us guide you through this natural wonder.

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  • Amazing panoramic views
  • Exotic experience/location
  • Mood booster
  • National Park UNESCO Heritage site
  • Perfect for popping the question… (propose! We can subtlety help.)
  • Sui generis place
  • Very representative to the region (significant place)
  • Wild animal sightings
  • Available on Private Luxury SUV
  • Gear included
  • Only by van not a bus (fewer pick ups = fewer stops)
  • Place is Natural - Moderately Accessible Friendly (not man made)
  • This is privately available. For special requests or inquiries, please reach out to one of our customer service ninjas by using the quick call buttons located in the footer.
Included Attributes
  • Professional BILINGUAL guide
  • Boat ride along Sian Ka'an's shorelines
  • Snorkeling activity & gear
  • Fauna sighting
  • Yucatan cuisine (traditional Mayan meal)
  • Bottled water
  • Life vests
Excluded Attributes
  • Government $15USD/300MXN tax per person (mandatory before entering the reserve)
  • Photos
  • Souvenirs
  • Tips! (gratuities are of course relative to the service received)
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Type/Sub-Type Fragments of Yucatan
  • Islands, National Parks & Mild Water Pursuits
  • Snorkeling & Shared Boat Rides
  • Mixed Day Experiences
  • Wild Life
  • Full-Day (5 or 6hrs plus travel time)
Relatively Closer to
  • Southern Mayan Riviera area (South of Playa del Carmen)
  • Tulum area
  • Pregnant women
  • Guests engaging in disruptive behavior
  • Guests under alcohol influence or hallucinogenic substances
  • Not suitable for guests with very limited physical mobility (off and on the boat as well as navigating)
  • Good weather mandatory for this experience
Privately Available
  • yes
All weather Activity
  • no
Available Add Ons
  • Lobster main dish (this is a remote place and is upon availability, please request using the quick contact buttons at the footer)
Yucatanis Recommend
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for pick-up. Don't become a no-show statistic! 🏃‍♀️💨
  • Ask the bellboy at your hotel where tours typically pick up guests. 📍
  • Borrow pool towels in advance!
  • Get a coffee to go early and bring a smile! ☕️ & 🙂
  • If the service is deserving, be prepared to give a small gratuity or tip.
  • Please have your ticket number ready on your mobile screen for the driver 📲
  • The tour staff will get off the vehicle and call your name based on the lead passenger information on your ticket and usually outside the lobby doors. (motor lobby!)
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  • Bring and use of biodegradable sunscreen (eco-friendly body lotion ONLY)
  • Additional small fee paid on site per person (leave us a note if you need to find out why at check out)
  • Beach towels borrowed from your hotel
  • Dear guests, bring cash for optional government fee if you plan to bring a drone (let us know at checkout if you need further details)
  • Yucatanis's "booking confirmation e-ticket" ready on your mobile screen 10 minutes before pick-up time
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